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Watercolor Note Cards

(any four cards for $7)

Ships to the US and Canada

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Cards

su1 fw12 ws7 su11 fw13

Mothers and children around the world

mc1mc2 mc3mc4

Prints of the .Chinese mother and baby are available.

Flowers speak of God's creative love. Why else such beauty? So I like to paint them. Foral note cards, size, 4.25 x 5.5 inches

fn1 fn2 fn3 fn4
fn5 fn6 fn7 fn8
fn9 fn10 fn14 su1
su7 su8 su9

Wedding note cards
fn11fn12 fn13

Watercolor note cards are printed on a bright white
Watercolor paper.
They come with a white envelope and are perfect for correspondence or framing.

Your choice of any 4 cards for $7.

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Card Sale! $.25 off per card!

For your choice of 8 cards for $12.

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