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Ever since I can remember, people from other parts of the world have been part of my life since my dad brought home engineers and their families who were visiting his work place for dinner. I was always interested in mothers and their children. My mother painted the African family group and the Chinese mother and baby and I painted the rest. In the USA we have so much in the way of material riches and yet we have much to learn about faith and prayer from the church around the world. Creation care is part of loving our neighbors.

Mother's and children around the world

Family Celebration

Ethiopian mother & child

“Climate change is really a people issue,” says Collin of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action.
It is part of the way as Christians I think that we should respond to the world. I mean, to not respond is
to say ‘we don’t really want to know what is happening in your part of the world. We’re not going to take
the time to be aware or to care about that,’ and that’s just not okay.”
“It’s an expression of love to say ‘I’m going to watch how I live my life in order to make your life more livable too.’”

Hope in the aftermath

Mother & baby

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You can purchase cards, prints of original artwork, on a quality watercolor paper. They come in a gift box, 8 cards for $12.50. 100% of the profit from these cards will go to Food for the Hungry. Ben Homan, who has recently retired from being President says "We do not have the power to take someone engulfed in the despair and suffering that comes with living on less than $2.50 a day and make their lives shine with hope and joy....But God can. He's our secret weapon and as we respond to his call, not only are the lives of hungry people changed but ours are changed as well. To see God mold and shape so many thousands of lives over the years has given me a faith so deep and unshakable...."

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