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My missions, my purpose

The "Seed" is the Word....the thought, the idea, the image planted in the heart....

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Planting Seeds,

Jesus taught us to pray "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." And he talked about the gospel of the kingdom. Jesus is calling us to share the good news of the kingdom of God and to urge people to be a part of it.

I have been interested in God's mission of "calling people to himself for a long time. I often wonder"what my part is? Working for a mission agency such as Wycliffe Bible translators or CLC, Inc. as an artist was something God seemed to be leading me to do a while back. Have you ever thought about Bible Translation? I attended the pre-candidate program which was so refreshing and I got back to work in my neighborhood. But while I was raising support to go to Wycliffe, I got Lyme disease very badly. So what do you do when Providence keeps you home? Amazingly God opened a door for me to work as a reserve artist for a mission in Texas sending my work over the internet. And by staying home, I remained active in my neighborhood, sharing the gospel with children there and " planting seeds" with neighbors. Later I started this website. Now I'm trying to have enough energy for my grandchildren, I can help support a child through Compassion or a school for refugee children in Lebanon. I can help support an American Indian school and I can pray.

My son has been an urban missionary with Inner Change in Los Angeles and I pray for him, and a nearby church that supports him has also been there for me in prayer and in many other ways. Even though I haven't been able to use art full time for a mission agency, I can design postcards for his ministry.

And, as a freelance artist, I've been able to do book covers for CLC Publications and I was a "reserve artist" for Missionary Tech Teamfor about fifteen years. God has given to us talents and resources so that we can give to others and show people haw good He is.. In 2005, the Lord sent me to Longview, Texas to do graphics for Tech Team for three months. He made it possible to raise the money I needed in a couple of days and I had strength to work an eight to five job. And with this web site, I share my love of flowers, God's beautiful creations ,a tiny reflection that remind me of His love for us. Do you ever wonder how Jesus could use your talents and your resources to further his mission?

I grew up with a father who planted a garden every summer. He prepared the soil and sowed the seed. Then came the weeding and watering and before long, -- beans and beets, carrots and tomatoes! Dad never used poisonous pesticides in his garden because he cared about the long term results of his land use, he wanted to protect the soil and the underground water supply, the birds and the bees. Jesus talked about gardening in an analogy comparing gardening to "sowing God's Word in our hearts". Jesus said the Word was like "good seed" sown in the earth. What you "sow" is what your harvest will be. We are called to love other people as God loves, helping when we can and sharing God's love and truth. Sharing inklings of God in your everyday conversation plants seeds of HOPE. An occasional card or note that you can hold in your hand shows love. Send a postcard to a kid who is struggling. Support children in poverty. Celebrate what's good in life. My son just came home from the funeral of a dear old uncle who was married for 70 years! Imagine! May God give increasing spiritual vigor and commitment to people young and old. Let us be "repairers of the breach" as it says in Isaiah 58. Let's be among the peace makers.

I love the Wycliffe Bible translators organization because their mission is to meet the deepest needs of people by translating the Bible into their unwritten languages . They don't force their culture on anyone but they translate and provide a book. People who have the Bible in their "heart language" can apply it to their life circumstances. They are better prepared to negotiate with the world. Their churches are home grown and they better avoid manipulation from people who may have selfish interests at heart and most importantly, they can participate in God's kingdom and life with God now and forever.

But what about our own culture in our post modern era? For one thing we are traveling too fast and not making time for God. Our culture is being secularized at a rate we wouldn't have imagined just a few years ago. We have often been so carried away by values of materialism and success that we live for over achievement rather than trusting and taking time to be thankful for our blessings. Would we be more blessed if we learned to make do with "enough"and were more faithful to our families? What if we supported third world children or missions or a search for alternative energy with our abundance. What if our children who live in this fast paced society and hear the Christian faith denigrated in the world would see God at work in our lives? What if we were really "seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and trusting that all things would be added to us as well"? We might have the time to share in honest meaningful relevant ways so that our families and neighbors would know that though we struggle too, we believe God can be trusted. Let's live so that the children see God's "Light" shine in us. That means resisting the false "god's" of power, sensuality and selfishness and living our lives in God's peace and love. We won't do it perfectly but we can humbly go in the right direction, confess our sins when we fail and find God is there!

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