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Seed Graphics Postcards and Note Cards.
It's about planting Seeds,
Seeds of Faith,
Seeds of Hope,
Seeds of Love!
Welcome! I hope you will find what you are looking for here,
Watercolor notecards from nature and garden, inspirational
Postcards which plant "seeds of Life" from God's Word ....

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Makoto Fujumura

"I am not a Christian artist. I am a Christian, yes, and an artist. I dare not treat the powerful presence of Christ in my life as an adjective.
I want Christ to be my whole being. Vincent van Gogh was not a Christian artist either, but in Christ he painted the heavens declaring the glory of God.
Emily Dickinson was not a Christian poet, and yet through her honest wrestling, given wings in words, her works, like Vincent's
like HarperLee's, like Mahalia Jackson's-speak to all the world as integrated visions of beauty against injustice......." Mako Fujimura

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