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On the back of each card is a short bio or quote.
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"If you praise and worship Jesus with your mouth
and your life does not praise and worship him, there's something wrong!"

Keith Green met his Messiah and never looked back.
He and his wife Melody, born into a Jewish family, were both musicians and when they became Christians, started Last Days Ministries as an outgrowth
of their new faith, a ministry to troubled young people that began in their home and grew and grew and still exists under Melody's direction today. Keith's desire was to fully live out the implications
of the gospel and they and their music were an inspiration to their generation.
Keith is in Glory now after an early death(he was only 28) in a plane crash in 1982. This is the last verse of the worship song, "There is a Redeemer" written by Melody and performed so beautifully by Keith.
When I stand in Glory
I will see His face
There I'll serve my King forever
In that Holy place.

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