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Nancy Watson, Artist

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I came upon your website purely by accident (if there is such a thing) and fell in love with your cards. Your artwork is glorious.

I am a mother of a baby adopted from Ethiopia ....... I love Ethiopian culture and people. I would love to purchase your Ethiopian Mother and Child and the Family Celebration cards. Nancy

I received the print on Saturday and I love it! I can't wait to frame it. Amy

finding your Mimosa work was a precious lift. Terri

I really love this watercolor and I love lilies. If you could let me know of any other lily paintings you put on e-bay, I would most appreciate it. Best regards, Gail

I love your greeting cards! Mary Kay

We bought a postcard with a text from II Peter from the Fuller bookstore and then saw that you had made it.

They are beautiful! Thank you so much. Tiffany

I visited your website and LOVE your work!
Your website clearly conveys that you not only paint beautifully, but have a ...... soul -- dedicated to our Lord.
Thank you for sharing your work with me.

Dr. Carrie Carter

Nancy - Thank you again for the beautiful cards. All day Friday, as we gave them out, women were asking - who made these?.......... Mary

Dear Nancy,
What a joy it was to receive 4 of your hand painted cards at the WRC Women's retreat! They are so beautiful and a treasure.
Blessings, Jane

Your flowers are incredibly beautiful and I will use them for my special correspondence.
God bless! Judy

I would like to use some of your flowers for a display that I'm making at work for a friend who is leaving. Could you do that?..........

(Later) Everyone loved your daisies. they were so much nicer than anything else we had thought of.

Hi, I bought the Shepherdless Psalm postcard at the Fuller Seminary bookstore. Soon after I used a modified version of it in a dramatic reading during worship at a young adult service. Several people have asked me for copies.

Nancy, I'd like to buy a box of your cards as a gift for a friend. I use your cards for special notes like thank yous and condolences. The artwork is somehow inspiring and uplifting and even the paper is high quality. Keep up, the good work!


Hi, Nancy, I got the cards yesterday, so it took a little less than a week. They're beautiful. Thank you so much! .


Thanks, Nancy, for personally delivering the cards. That's really speedy service since I only ordered them the day before! Your beautiful cards will give me incentive to write a few notes which are long overdue.


I got the cards today. They are great. I really like them and I like the fact that they are organized in such neat and beautiful packaging. I'm going to give them as gifts. Thanks!


Hi Nancy
Your web site looks great. Have you gotten many orders?

Hi Nancy,
I've just been enjoying looking at your website. I like the arrangement with the new collections. Your paintings are so beautiful!
Love, Tink

Dear Nancy,
The plaque is great! I'm sure my daughter-in-law will enjoy it.

Also I would like to buy two more of the framed pictures with flowers and a verse one for a christian and one for my friend who says she wishes that she could believe. If you have any inspiration about a good verse for my non christian friend that might encourage faith without being offensive let me know.


Dear Nancy,
The plaque is so beautiful.
I gave it to my teacher today and she absolutely loved it. She wanted your web site address. I looked at your web site when you gave me the address. It looks real neat. Have you had a chance to do anything with the note cards for the folks from Hatboro Baptist?

We received one of your cards in the mail and we're going to frame it.


Dear Nancy--
The cards arrived in the same mail that I was sending the check to you. The pictures are all lovely and I will use them for special correspondence.

Dear Nancy--
I would like to buy one box of your watercolor prints. The winter cards are expecially pretty. The lilies from the other assortment were quite lovely too. -Vicki

Hi, Nancy,
I'd like to order two boxes of the fall & winter cards. They look beautiful! Could you send one box to me at Hoquiam WA & one to my mother in Queensbury NY. Thanks! I know she'd like to see them & Shari would like some of them, too, I'm sure.
Love, berti

Nancy - My computer couldn't open up your attachment, but I know your cards are beautiful. I'd like to order 2 sets of the fall/winter cards.