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Gospel postcards and LA graffiti

A little boy, my neighbor, whose mother had died of AIDS came to my neighborhood "Vacation Bible School".
He asked me, "why is the Bible all about sheep?"
I told him that in the middle east in Jesus time, sheep and shepherds were so common they became ways of talking about life.
A sheep without a shepherd was in danger. The shepherd looked out for the sheep
kept him out of trouble, made sure he had good food and water and God is like a good shepherd to his children.
He cares for us.

Postcards -- "The Shepherdless Psalm" -- 8.5" x 5.5", 5 for $5.00
Poem by JAW, Psalm 23 NIV, Art work by Nancy Watson, Copywrite 2000

Postcards -- "The Shepherdless Psalm" -- 8.5" x 5.5", 10 for $10.00

We each have our own personal histories. Sometimes
we are aware of what is guiding us, sometimes not,
but our decisions are important because we make a difference in our own lives and in the loves of others. Who are your mentors?

"Living History poem by JAW (John Watson), Copyright 2001: Jaw Post Cards 8.5" x 5.5", 10 for $10.00

Because there is a God we can align ourselves with the good.
Because there is a God it is possible to change.

Urban gospel postcards-- 4.25" x 5.5" -- 5 for $2.50

In the text box indicate "God's Divine Power" and/or"The Lord's requirement".

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Postcards -- 4.25" x 5.5" -- 10 for $5.00
In the text box indicate "God's Divine Power", or "The Lord's requirement".
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New postcard! "The Lord's requirement"--4" x 6"--10 for $5.00 (Order above)

"Guard your Heart", Psalm 1 tells how our thinking is changed by meditating on God's word. Commit yourself to the Lord and meditate on His Word. It will change your life!

New postcard! "God by Albisurez"--4" x 6"--10 for $5.00 (Order below)
This is part of a Larger Mural that reads "God Sees Us all" by Chris Albisurez. Chris has been using art to communicate
for a long time. This message is true, beautiful and worth remembering. Nothing is hidden from God.
Copyright 2002:Jaw Post Cards, LA St Prod., & Chris Albisurez

This mural, "Jesus" is by Jose Barajas, "Spector", and Chris Albisures,
early members of "L.A. Street Productions."

(part 2) Through Jesus we can know God. He chose to be born as one of us to show us how to live and then to
lay down his life to pay for our sin and bring us to God. What love! When I was in L.A. I had the privilage of talking to Chris
and meeting Jose's mother.
(LA Street Productions, a non profit artists organization expressing all viewpoints started to give young people something else to do besides take drugs) click here

Life is about relationships for better or for worse.

"The Quality and Content of our Lives " Copywrite 2005: Jaw Postcards

"Self Control" Copyright 2007:Jaw postcards

"Love People, Use things" Copyright 2009:Jaw postcards

Postcards -- 4.25" x 5.5" -- 10 for $5.00
In the text box indicate "God by Albisurez", "Quality and Content", "Self Control", or "Love people, use things".
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"Revival" Copyright 2012 Jaw postcards

"Revival brings peace" Copyright 2012

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