Princeton, New Jersey
Nancy Watson, Artist

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The beauty of the winter, the days of clear air and light helps make up for the cold. I like the subtle colors of late fall and winter. The scene along the Delaware-Raritan canal was painted on a bright cold day, and the various shades of yellow, grey browns and pinks change subtly as winter goes on. I only get bored when there is too much rain. The snow scene with the doe was painted from my kitchen window a while ago, another shows the snowy cherry tree and black walnut from my current home in Spruce Circle. And the Fox in the snow was inspired by a photo a friend took. The seasons go round and round and yet they are always new.

Winter cards are printed on a quality lightly textured watercolor paper using a professional Epson printer with archival ink. Note cards in packs of four are $7. Eight assorted cards and pen are ON SALE for $13.95.

Winter cards

Deer in winter woods (fw8)

Backyard blizzard, Redding Circle (fw13)

Bright day on the canal (fw4)

Snowy day, Spruce Circle (fw7)

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Right now, each box of eight cards and pen is ON SALE for $13.95. Packs of one each of the four or four of any one card are $7.

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