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There is a beauty and longing at the end of summer, and even more now as fall is moving on. Do you Know what I mean? Something about the beauty of the leaves yet knowing that they will soon be gone and "I'd like to bring back summertime... and have it stay for just a week or two? "

"The seasons, they go round and round
Like painted ponies we go up and down
captive on the carousel of time."...Anyone remember that beautiful folk song?

Spruce St Maples were painted from a photo I took at a wonderful moment......sun setting behind the trees......making shadows running up the street. Fall light was done sitting on one of the huge rocks in my yard. The more subdued, delicate shades of brown and beige and even pink in the pictures painted on the canal match my late fall mood. Our national holiday, "Thanksgiving", stems from the harvest feast celebrated in 1621 by the separatist Puritans called Pilgrims by Governor Bradford and Pawtuxet together, hence Indian corn is the symbolic remembrance of that day. I certainly wish the peace had continued.

Fall note cards

Fall light

Spruce St Maples #3

Spruce St Maples #2

Bright day on the canal

Indian corn

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