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I was on vacation this week at Harvey Ceders and came home so refreshed from listening to a powerful speakers, teaching Redemption and Mission, I spent the morning in prayer, something I was revived enough to do. Then I went on line and heard the news about the five slain police officers and then saw the videos of the two slain African Americans, all this in the couple of days I spent on retreat and away from the sad, sad news. I am glad that we have Ras Baraca, a man of the people at the helm in Newark. I can't help remembering the burning of Newark in 1967. He was not discouraging the demonstrations that were to take place, just telling people to do no violence to themselves or others or property. the reporter was asking people on the streets whether they thought there was any way that the situation could get better. One young guy quoted the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

"Hate cannot cast out hate, only Love can cast out hate."
"Darkness cannot cast out darkness,
only light cannot cast out darkness."
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